Ralph Turnbull Wood Centre Table

In 1834 Ralph Turnbull, who had arrived in Kingston, Jamaica with his brothers Thomasand Cuthbert in 1815, was awarded a grant of £1000 by the Jamaican House of Assembly

Card and games tables

Boards for playing games such backgammon and chequers have been used from Tudor times. But it was only after restoration of English monarchy in 1660, under Charles II, that

Dumb waiters and whatnots

The first dumb waiters appeared in the 1740s.  The basic form is a central column on tripod base with three circular trays of graduated size. The name ‘’ dumb

Victorian Style

‘Victoria’s reign had opened in the mist of the ‘battle of styles’ with so-called Grecian, gothic, Elizabethan, Italian Renaissance and French Rococo vying for popularity. From the mid century

Edwardian writing desk

This is a truly immaculate Edwardian, writing table with extensive flower marquetry inlays, satinwood and tulipwood crossbanding throughout, which enables free standing. Raised slope front cabinets enclosing pen tray,

Arts & Crafts Furniture in our Shop

Arts and Crafts was an international design movement that flourished between 1860 and 1910, especially in the second half of that period. It stood for traditional craftsmanship using simple forms

A Selection of Antique Sideboards

In our large showrooms you can find fine quality antique sideboards on each floor. We always try to keep up with demand for quality and practical furniture. Like this fine
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