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Antique Bedroom Furniture

Selecting antique furniture for your bedroom

Antique bedside tables

For connoisseurs of fine furnishings, the opportunity of dressing a bedroom with antique offerings can be an exciting prospect. However, with a wealth of different eras to select from that are celebrated for their incredible craftsmanship, picking a period isn’t always so simple.

While it’s true that beds are regarded as the statement piece of any bedroom design, the devil may often be found in the details. Antique bedside tables and bedside cabinets can also be chosen to flank beds, emphasising and complementing their appearance for a complete look and feel for your rooms.

If you have a passion for antiques, bedside cabinets, dressing tables, and wardrobes from different periods are available to purchase for adding style to the rooms in which you sleep. In the following sections, we’ll explore some of this furniture, including the wood it’s made from and its eye-catching features, from the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras.

Georgian bedroom furniture

Georgian Linen Press in Mahogany

Bedside furniture from the Georgian era was often made from rich reddish-brown mahogany, a favoured choice of cabinet makers for its ease of carving and smooth finish. First used around 1730, the wood came from Honduras and the Bahamas before being transformed into extremely hardwearing furniture that seldom suffered woodworm and deepened in colour over time.

Antique Georgian furniture may have legs that are both ringed and turned, or substantial and square and be fitted with shaped up-stands and cupboard doors that are string inlaid for detail. Some pieces may also use different timbers together, with mahogany bedside cabinets boasting inlaid satinwood.

Victorian bedside furniture

Victorian dressing table

Victorian style tables and cabinets for the bedside can be found in a variety of woods, including ash and mahogany and sometimes included decorative veneers, glued onto more stable timber for a durable and stunning finish.

Victorian bedside furniture can be seen with many unique features, from robust plinth bases and enclosed shelves to arcaded door designs opened with brass handles and architectural marble up-stands.

Furniture from the Victorian era often gives nostalgic nods to periods from the past, which we can categorise into different revivals, including the Gothic, Jacobean, Rococo, and Renaissance. Finally, Arts and Crafts came in the late 1800s, which can have a country-style that is less fussy than many others on offer.

Edwardian bedside furniture

Edwardian Mahogany Bedside Cabinet - Pot Cupboard

While mahogany was popular for the Edwardian period, restored Edwardian bedside cabinets can also be bought made from satinwood, a wood that experienced a revival in the 1900s. This warm, yellow-coloured wood features a close grain from the West and East Indies and can take a high polish.

Intricate detailing can be found on such pieces, from tapered legs and neoclassical inlays to shaped up-stands and handles made from brass.

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With extensive knowledge and experience in sourcing the finest antique furniture for our select clientele at Nimbus Antiques, we would welcome the opportunity to assist you in finding assets from any era you seek. Whether you require bedside furniture for a classic or contemporary setting, browse our antiques online or get in touch for further assistance.

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