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Antiques & Interior Design Spotlight: Designer Laurence Katz

6th April 2019

Are you in need of inspiration, for how to seamlessly weave antique furniture into your modern, or traditional, home or work space? Then you will love these features; where we take a close look at some fascinating case studies by top interior designers working with antiques.

As a leading specialist in fine Antiques, at Nimbus Antiques, we supply some of the globes most exciting interior design projects. Working with interior designers over the years, we have come to appreciate the wealth of knowledge and inspiration that can be gained from them.

High quality antique furniture can bring a real sense of timelessness, and a touch of quality and class to a wide range of spaces. And nobody understands that better than this editions featured interior designer, Laurence Katz of Elemental Studio in London.

Laurence, originally from France, now living in London, kindly agreed to take some time out from her busy schedule, to share her work and passion for designing interiors with us.

Let’s take a look at how she elegantly integrates antiques within the practical, yet beautiful, spaces that she creates.  We love her work, Im sure that you will too.

Laurence Katz, Director of Elemental Studio, London: Background

After a Masters in Business Studies, and 10 years spent working for BMW in various marketing positions, Laurence decided to follow her true passion for all things interiors.

She re-trained at  London’s prestigious KLC School of Design in 2013, before opening Elemental Studio in 2015 to serve a growing clientele of residential and commercial clients.

Her background in business marketing has served Laurence well. She likes to ensures that creativity is matched by rigorous processes and transparency.

No wild concepts. Projects are well planned, costed, documented, scheduled and delivered as promised. This focus upon accountability alongside quality and imagination, has earn’t her some noteworthy praise from clients:

Laurence: “I love all parts of my jobs, from the early stages of designing, to being on site with the building teams, and holding my clients’ hand throughout the process, by providing them with the safety net that we all need when embarking on major refurbishments.”

Case Study 1: Victorian Meets Modern, Re-imagined

As a starting point for this project, Laurence re-upholstered this original Victorian chair, in a fresh and unusual modern fabric. She then used the chair as the room’s centrepiece, creating the colour scheme for the room around it.

She combined a mixture of quirky textures and new furniture, with much loved, older furniture, and carefully selected antique collectable; such as the charming old suitcase.

This is a lovely example of how a piece of antique furniture, re-imagined in some way, cannot only provide a wonderful centrepiece, but a creative springboard.

I especially like how the deep rich brown of the original chair, feels warm and anchoring, and has subtly influenced the choice of floor finish; which then contrasts perfectly with the unusual rug.

Case study 2: The Perfect Home For A Creative Couple

This project was very recently completely for a couple who are both professional classical musicians. She is very attached to family heirlooms, and he is in love with tidy modern looks. So this space is a mix of old and new, curves and straight lines.

The use of old and new materials ensured that they would both feel comfortable with their new surroundings.  The wood in the kitchen was used to link the antique table and gorgeous bench, whilst the graffiti like wallpaper gives a modern twist to what would have previously been quite a traditional dining room.

The lighting was key to bringing in some industrial elements, which they were both after. The Ingo Maurer Zettel  pendant chandelier, cleverly allows people to pin ideas and dreams, on paper to the lamp – becoming the lamp shade. Presumably, the shade then subtly projects echoes of their creative dreams around the space.

Laurence selected this chandelier as the perfect representation of two very creative people, who she pictured interacting with it to great effect, and with joy.

Case Study 3: Creating an Antique Furniture Centre Piece

Laurence: “Sometimes, even when you have many fitted cupboards, a lovely antique chest of drawers is the one piece you need to lift a space, warm it up, and make it look more exciting. This client loves clothes, and has always had this gorgeous piece, which now sits proudly next to a mid modern century style chair, and they just look perfect together.”

How These Selections Fit With The Studios Wider Ethos

Speaking to Laurence, what comes across at once is her passion and skill for helping others, and a love of connecting to new people. This also comes across in the selections made in these case studies.

She clearly loves bringing the interests and treasured antiques and heirlooms of others, to the forefront. Then building colour and texture themes around them.

Laurence: “My interiors are very personal and tailored to my clients, which makes my life more exciting, as there are so many exciting people out there. I love colours in my interiors, as well as different textures. Mixing old and new is very much part of my job, as many people do own very special pieces of furniture, dear to their hearts. I have done various upholstery classes, and love to bring new life to antiques with quirky materials.”

Laurence Katz also teaches workshops on how to work with colour in your  own home.
More information about her exciting work, can be found on the Elemental Studio website:

Photography by Nadine Brandt. With special thanks to Laurence Katz and her team.

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