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Antiques & Interior Design Spotlight: Designer Roselind Wilson

19th December 2018

Antiques & Interior Design

A number of  Nimbus customers come from the exciting world of interior design. Over the years, we have supplied luxury antique furniture for a wide range of exciting projects from the Ritz in Paris, to an Oxford College and beyond. Including a number of exciting antiques and interior design projects in the USA.

With this in mind, we have turned to some of the UK’s top interior designers for inspiration. We have started with the wonderful Roselind Wilson Studio, whose work at times brilliantly echoes the Eclectic Minimal approach that we explored in our previous Interior Design Article . Let’s take a look at how Ros and her team use antiques within their work. 

Roselind Wilson: Background 

Roselind Wilson Design is an award-winning luxury interior design and interior architecture studio based in London that specialises in high-end residential projects both in the UK and across the world.

With 18 years of experience in the design industry, Ros started her career in Cape Town, where she worked in prestigious residential and hospitality sectors, transforming homes and redefining boutique hotels for discerning clients. After moving to London in 2005, she honed her design flair at some of London’s leading design firms before opening Roselind Wilson Design in 2010.

With an impressive portfolio of high-end residential properties, the studio brings a fresh, hands-on approach to the world of interior design and a unique hybrid of looks; which create a calming elegance and a sense of quiet luxury connecting home and owner.

Ros kindly took some time out of her busy schedule to share one of her recent, inspirational projects with us. 

Case Study:  A Richmond Residence

This beautiful mock-Tudor house in Richmond, was built in the 1920s and extended in the sixties, with the annexe joined to the main house by the previous owner in 2007. As a result, the property is a characterful family home that includes a cosy panelled snug befitting of a quintessential English village, and a contemporary living area that could easily befit busy city dwellers. 

Design Choices: Clean lines & Antiques

The design of the interior comprises bespoke storage and clean lines, interspersed with distinct antique pieces and understated soft furnishings.  This is perfectly illustrative of the homeowners  personalities; he an admirer of the modern and functional, and his wife is a romantic.

The open plan living area was designed as a space for the whole family. In this more modern part of the house, the fabrics and finishes were carefully selected to ensure the space flowed seamlessly with the richly panelled snug and breakfast (Sunday) room.

This features an eclectic mix of old and new, such as the modern sofa flanked by a pair of 1970s armchairs, from Gonnermann Antiques in Highgate, which were reupholstered in an olive chenille. 

A favourite piece is an antique drinks cabinet from Church Street Antiques

Why This Beautiful Antique Cabinet Was Chosen

This unusual piece caught Ros’s eye as soon as she saw it. She had trawled several antiques shops, in person and online; but this piece fitted the brief perfectly. 

The stunning burr finish with a polished lacquer demonstrated interest and character. With its decorative handles and intricate detailing, it formed just the right contrast to the modern materials used alongside,  and therefore sat comfortably in the space.

Furthermore, it’s proportions were ideal. It is the perfect width for the space, and stands at around 1.5m tall.  It was initially designed and manufactured as a drinks cabinet, but is now used to house the client’s linens, napkins and specialist craft materials. Its purpose was befitting to its age, and so it was the perfect piece. 

How The Selection Fits With The Studios Wider Ethos

Ros feels that a well-balanced interior is always created by the story of the person/s who inhabit a home. This story can be created by pieces that have been collected by the client over time. They can be furniture, objects or artwork.

These pieces mature and evolve over time, like their owners, and their mere presence within a home is connecting, grounding and welcoming.

Antiques serve just this purpose within an interior, and with the care and craftsmanship that would have been lovingly placed on the creation of each piece, Ros is always keen to add these delightful gems into a home to make it feel just like that – a home.

For more information about Ros’s exciting work, visit:

Photography by Richard Waite. With special thanks to Geraldine & Ros Wilson.

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