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Antiques & Interior Design Spotlight: Juliette Byrne

12th June 2019

For today’s spotlight, we turn our attention to the heart of London, to a well respected, Chelsea based interior design studio: Juliette Bryne.

Juliette’s architectural interior design consultancy has established a reputation for creating elegant and sophisticated interiors which blend the classic with the contemporary.

Whether co-ordinating a building site, managing an office of designers, liaising with leading architects and surveyors or managing clients property portfolios, Juliette’s efficiency and attention to detail has been a driving force in her 25-year career as an architectural interior designer.

Her philosophy that nothing is too much trouble, coupled with an ability to find opportunities within space and existing designs where others might see flaws, helps bring clients back time and again.

Just one of the many reasons why Juliette is recognised by The Telegraph as one of the top 20 interior designers in the UK.

Expect serene interiors, often executed with a muted palette, specially designed bespoke furniture, and a deft blend of old and new.

Juliette’s Background

Juliette graduated from The Chelsea School of Art and then trained at Conran. She is a member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) and a RIBA affiliate member. Juliette also lectures regularly at the Inchbald School of Design.

Juliette and her team’s use of antiques within the stylish interiors that they create is elegant and flawless. Let’s take a look.

Elegant Billiards Room and Entrance Hall

This project is the perfect example of how often more overlooked spaces can be made timeless and elegant with a little thought and consideration.

The use of antique clocks creates warmth, grounding and connection, in a space where minimalism could otherwise tip into sparseness.

The use of Hepplewhite chairs in both spaces creates a perfect sense of connection between the two potentially quite different spaces.

The use of neutrally toned walls and shades throughout, not only gives a sense of connection and calm, but allows for the inclusion of  bold and bright pieces, such as the paintings and console table, without loosing that sense of calm and balance.

The console table in the neoclassical style is bold. But is so perfect in the space, making to my mind the connection between today and games rooms of the past.

The space feels at once modern, but timeless and classical, thanks to that touch of Georgian elegance.

And as we travel up the stairs, the art and choices are more modern, but the sense of connection to something older is maintained  via the centrepiece artwork on the stairs, which relates to the art in the games room.

Also via  the colour finish upon the banister, and architectural features, which subtly reflect the Georgian antique furniture that we saw earlier perfectly.

Stunning Eclectic  Conservatory

As we travel further around the residence, the sense of connection continues. Very contemporary pieces blend well with the oriental lamps; which connect to those adorning the lovely neoclassical console table that we saw earlier in the billiards room.

The whimsical references to classicism also connect to the neoclassical style that we encountered earlier, in this beautiful, eclectic modern room.

Moving into the kitchen of this fine residence. The modernly upholstered chairs from the previous room are echoed, but sit around an antique table.

As you can see, there is a real sense of old and new sitting tastefully side by side grouped by colour, giving a calm and  balanced feel.

Juliette is clearly very responsive to the desires of her clients, placing them at the forefront. However her unique style is of course subtly influenced by the lens of her own rich experience.

For example motherhood and family life taught Juliette how to take on board the needs and pressures of family life; when designing a family home. And having lived on a boat in the 90’s, she learnt the importance of how to efficiently and elegantly utilise and maximise space.

This sense of maturity and experience comes across in this elegant case study, which perfectly showcases how antiques can be used to beautiful effect within the modern home.

Thank you to Juliette and her team for taking the time to share their beautiful work with us.

To see more examples of Juliette’s work blending old and new, antique and modern, why not visit her website:

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