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Vintage home office

The best antique furniture for the home office

14th January 2021

With so many of us now facing the possibility of working from home, it’s important that you have a workspace you can do your best in. Having an office that fulfils your needs, focuses your mind and provides a creative environment is one of the best investments you can make. Antique filled offices not only look amazing, but they are practical and a great financial investment too. Whether you are looking for a grand legal office filled with Regency antiques or a unique and stylish home working space that can be easily hidden away after the workday, at Nimbus antiques we have the perfect antique office furniture for you.

Understand your office needs

Everyone has different work requirements so it is important to think about what storage, equipment and space you need. You will be surprised how many pieces of antique furniture are perfect for the modern home office. Think about the tasks that you do every day for work, and how you can make them easier and more comfortable at home. Say goodbye to horrible plastic chairs and soulless metal filing cabinets. Working from home means you get to choose how you want your work environment to be. If you need lots of reference books for your work, make sure you have space for some beautiful antique bookcases. If you have nosy housemates, you can find plenty of antique desks with a handy lock and key. You may need a mirror in your office, and we have plenty of stunning mirrored sideboards and bookcases that are practical and fit your decoration theme.

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Clever antique space-saving solutions

If you need a lot of space in your office for movement or exercise it is worth looking at antique furniture that can fold up or be packed away to give you more space. A drop-leaf table takes up barely any space and can be opened halfway or into a complete table. A Victorian writing slope is another handy office piece, as it can be folded out to provide you with a larger surface when you need it, perfect for artists or writers. An Edwardian revolving bookcase is definitely a one of a kind piece, allowing you to store more books and spin them to find what you’re looking for. It’s a fun statement piece too. Many antique card tables can be extended or folded up, and they are a great space-saving item. A small antique chest of drawers can be the perfect storage solution for a modern office, with a compact design and space for all your important documents.

One of a kind pieces

If your office is regularly featured on video calls or online content, you might want your office to look a little bit special. Filling your home office with beautiful one of a kind pieces means you will truly stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s your exquisite rosewood bookcase, a stunning Victorian antique office chair or an elegant Edwardian writing table, the quality and charm of these pieces are eternal. The quality of antique furniture is unquestionable and creating a space filled with history and craftsmanship is a valuable pursuit.

You can find all kinds of unusual items on antique websites that are quirky and unique, make sure you check where they are from and when they date from too. An umbrella stand might be the perfect period piece to match your Victorian antique office. If you need to keep an eye on the time, there is nothing more enduringly stylish than a longcase clock. Our antique clock collection features a whole host of beautifully made clocks, from simple Victorian wall clocks to British made Longcase clocks that date back centuries. Because of the variety of antique styles and periods, there is far more choice than flat-pack furniture stores so measure your space and find a piece that fits perfectly. If you love unique details and a handmade feel, have a look at Arts and Crafts antiques. If you love bold lines and geometric details, Art Deco antique furniture might be the best choice for your space.

Finding your perfect antique desk

Although antique desks may have been designed for pen and ink or typewriters, they are an incredibly practical solution for modern life too. At Nimbus Antiques, we have a huge variety of antique office desks, so you can find one that is the right size for your workspace. You will find that antique desks vary greatly over different time periods so have a look at different options and consider what fits your needs best. If you need a few computer screens, a large and imposing antique desk will provide plenty of space. A large pedestal desk has plenty of drawers to store things in but it also has a large top which is perfect for a bigger office set up. Antique writing tables and bureaus are a great choice if you have less space at home and a smaller setup. Look for unique features that you won’t find in modern furniture, like drop leaf sides for extra space or small drawers which are perfect for organising small items. More unusual desks like an Edwardian kidney shaped desk or a William IV rosewood metamorphic writing desk can be the perfect bespoke solution to your office needs. If you need storage too, then look for a desk with cupboards or drawers to suit what you need to store, like a chiffonier.
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Make sure you’re sitting comfortably

When spending a lot of time sitting down at a desk, it is so important that you are comfortable and your back is supported. Antique office chairs are brilliant for this. Victorian antique office chairs often have leather backs and seats which are comfortable and practical. Some Edwardian desk chairs come in pairs which is great if you have visitors too. With straight backs, armrests and sturdy design, antique chairs are great for improving your posture and they look fabulous too! At Nimbus Antiques all of our antique chairs have been lovingly restored by our expert craftsmen so they are ready for your home.
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Beautiful bookcases

You may have been paying a lot of attention to people’s bookcases now everyone on the news is sat in their home office! Antique bookcases are exquisitely made in beautiful materials like mahogany, oak and walnut. These rich wooden tones are perfect for a cosy antique office, and allow you to display your most intelligent-looking books wherever you please. You can also find Edwardian and Victorian glazed bookcases if you prefer to keep your books safe behind glass. Look for unique features like adjustable shelves, original castors and moulded cornices. Whether you want to organise your books alphabetically, by colour or by how often you use them, choose a stunning antique bookcase to display them at their best.
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Antique office furniture terms

If you are new to antiques, there are a few terms that are worth knowing when you are looking for your antique office furniture. We’ve put together a few key pieces for your antique office that are worth considering.

A secretaire is an incredible type of writing desk with a wide base, leather writing surface and cupboards that can be closed to keep everything tidy.

A roll-top desk is one of the most beautiful pieces of antique office furniture you can find. With stunning carved details, rich walnut wood and a handy rolling mechanism to close the desk and hide any messy workspaces. It’s a great choice if you have an open plan space and want to clear away any remnants of your workday!

A chiffonier is a type of antique sideboard, which can be completely closed away with cupboard drawers. Look at Victorian antique chiffoniers for beautifully carved foliage, corner scrolls and panelled doors for a timeless piece that is actually incredibly practical.

An open bookcase simply means that it doesn’t have doors or glass in front of the books.

The Magic of antiques

Antique office furniture is a great investment, and with many of these pieces surviving for centuries, their quality is unrivalled. Make sure you go to a legitimate and knowledgeable antique shop like Nimbus Antiques where you can view and purchase antique furniture online with free UK delivery. Ask about the providence of the item and enjoy the sense of history you get from owning a beautiful antique.

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