Antique bedside tables

What Makes an Antique, an Antique?

In the world of Antique furniture and other collectable items, an ‘Antique’ is generally considered to be an item that is at least one hundred

Antiques in the home

How to Select the Right Antiques

No doubt you already know how antiques can add a real touch of elegance and class to any space. So we’ve together put this handy

Antique dealer

How to Find The Right Antiques Dealer

The right piece of antique furniture can add something otherworldly to your home. Antiques are at once timeless, sophisticated and grounding, connecting us to life

Card table

Antique Card & Games Tables, Past & Present

Image courtesy of Boards for playing games such backgammon and chequers have been used since Tudor times. However, bar a few exceptions, it was

Antique Furniture Makers: Ralph Turnbull

Ralph Turnbull (1788 – 1865) of Jamaica was a prominent, 19th century, cabinet maker and furniture designer. He became recognised internationally for his bold marquetry designs,

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